Bruxo No.2 Pechuga De Maguey Mezcal - Bruxo


Bruxo No.2 Pechuga De Maguey Mezcal


Bruxo takes its name from the word ‘brujo’, meaning wizard or sorcerer. And when you taste this unique spirit, it will become clear that the group of friends behind it are capable of true magic.

Pechuga normally refers to a kind of Mezcal made in country villages that undergoes a third distillation incorporating fruits, nuts, spices and a raw chicken or turkey breast (pechuga means breast). This, however, is a vegetarian friendly version, where a roasted heart of the agave is split and steeped tor several days in a Mezcal traditionally made with Espadín and Barril, the latter being a wild agave that can take 15-20 years to mature. This process intensifies the agave flavour and adds a little colour. On opening, you’ll find a rich, full-on spirit with a touch of sweetness and notes of honey, agave syrup, mint chocolate, herbes de Provence, orange peel, vanilla, wildflowers, Lady Grey tea, raw jalapeño and a gentle smoke.

This is Mezcal with heart. Enjoy it neat, paired with jamón ibérico, mildly spiced tacos, guacamole and totopos, or cheese with dried fruits or chutney. Then just sit back and let the magic happen.

SKU No.: 2646747

Style No.: 684270

Country: Mexico
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 46%
Volume: 700ml

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