Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur Miniature 30ml - Chartreuse


Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur Miniature 30ml


Chartreuse is an iconic French liqueur that has been made in a distillery near Aiguenoire, just north of Grenoble, since 1764. Crafted with extracts from around 130 plants and naturally coloured, it is based on an ‘elixir of long life’ recipe given to the Carthusian Monks in 1605 by François-Annibal d’Estrées – the brother of Henry IV of France’s lover and at one stage a man given supreme command over the country’s troops. Today, the secret recipe and slow ageing process in oak casks are only known to two monks.

Yellow Chartreuse was introduced in 1840 and is a milder and sweeter version with a slightly lower alcohol content. This makes it a fantastic initiation into the world of Chartreuse. Soothing, rather like a delicious cough medicine, it oozes pine needle, honey, lime cordial, peppermint, caraway, third wave coffee, lemon zest and peppercorn notes. Sip it cold or on the rocks after dinner as a digestif, top it with premium tonic water or mix it into an ever-growing list of cocktails.

SKU No.: 3346700

Style No.: 849359

Country: France
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 30ml

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