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Mezcal Joven


“I’m in love, I’m a believer. I couldn’t leave her if I tried.” – The Monkees

Creyente means believer. And after tasting this we believe, in the joyous throw your hands up, gospel choir, epiphany kind of way. Made from 100% Espadín – the genetic mother of blue agave used in Tequila – this is a blend of two Oaxacan Mezcals, one from the rich volcanic soils of Tlacolula and one from the wild mountains of neighbouring Yautepec. The heart of the Espadín (piña) is roasted over mesquite in stone ovens for three days, they’re then ground down in a horse-powered stone mill to extract the juice, before being fermented in wooden barrels and then distilled in a copper alembic. This recipe, passed down from generation to generation, is so traditional that it requires no electricity. The two exquisite Mezcals are then blended together creating layers of depth; freshly hewn wood, cracked peppercorns, mesquite-smoked meat, griddled pineapple, ripe honey mango, zesty lemon peel, wild flowers, woody herbs, green olives, ancho chillies and smokehouses. The label’s mythical animal with its paw on the piña combines the features of Creyente; the golden eagle featured on the Mexican flag for the soaring smoke, the revered jaguar for the silky body and elusive nature, and finally the nimble antelope for the fruity lightness.

Vibrant Oaxaca is Mexico’s culinary heartland, so when serving think tacos, mole, fiery salsas, tlayudas, chapulines and above all good company. Sip neat or with sal de gusano and orange wedges, alternatively mix into a smoky Margarita, a Mezcal and tonic garnished with green olive, lemon and rosemary, or get creative with grapefruit juice and jalapeños. Once you’ve pulled the heavy wooden stopper on this rich and smoky Mezcal, you’ll find it difficult to leave her, even if you tried.

SKU No.: 2646773

Style No.: 684289

Country: Mexico
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 700ml

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