Mezcal Artesanal Destilado Con Café - Dangerous Don Mezcal

Dangerous Don Mezcal

Mezcal Artesanal Destilado Con Café


Don Draper, Don Quixote, Don Corleone, Don Juan; all legendary, all unique, but all fundamentally flawed. May we introduce Dangerous Don; legendary, unique and quite flawless.

Dangerous Don Mezcal is Oaxaca distilled into a bottle; colourful, vibrant, modern yet traditional, bursting with flavour and steeped in something altogether otherworldly and spiritual. This joven 100% Espadín agave Mezcal is twice distilled by master mezcalero Celso Martinez, then organic NaomQuie coffee beans grown by the Mendoza Ramirez family in San Gabriel Mixtepec are soaked in it before a third and final distillation. The first batch was released in 2017 and comprised just 750 bottles. Since then it has exploded.

This spirit will appeal to fans of chipotle; smoulderingly deep and smoky, it’s laced with dried cherry, candied orange, dark chocolate, rose petal, the earthiness of agave and the rousing wake-up call of espresso arabica. Imbibe – a magazine for drinks professionals – conducted a Oaxacan Mezcal tasting for “agave-hungry bartenders” and Dangerous Don “proved to be one of [their] panel’s favourites, both surprising and delighting them.” Mix Dangerous Don into an espresso martini, use to add a kick to your negroni, simply sip after dinner, or drink it alongside your Oaxacan mole, chipotle tacos or refried black beans.

SKU No.: 2789750

Style No.: 695887

Country: Mexico
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 48%
Volume: 700ml

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