Wrinkle Smoothers Box Set - Fast Acting - DAVISAGE
  • Wrinkle Smoothers Box Set - Fast Acting - DAVISAGE
  • Wrinkle Smoothers Box Set - Fast Acting - DAVISAGE
  • Wrinkle Smoothers Box Set - Fast Acting - DAVISAGE


Wrinkle Smoothers Box Set - Fast Acting


This is a Beyond Beauty product which means it has been sourced, tried and tested and finally declared one of the most new and innovative heroes out there.

Davisage’s DVS Wrinkle Smoothers are anti-wrinkle tape patches which address the physical element of deep lines and fine wrinkles. It includes transparent tape patches, designed specifically for the face, made from US imported 3M surgical tapes. It also contains three supporting serums that are made in France and designed to be used before and after applying tapes for enhanced benefit.

Set contains:

Forehead Line Patches 20 patches
Fine Line Patches 20 patches
Nasolabial Fold Patches 20 patches
Frown Line Patches 10 patches
Periorbital Line Patches 20 patches
I.Intense Chrysanthus Anti-wrinkle Serum (Enhancing Serums - Before)
II.Intense Rose Soothing Serum (Enhancing Serums - After)
III. Intense Argania Firming Serum (Enhancing Serums - Anytime)

SKU No.: BS781086

Style No.: 781086

DAVISAGE was founded through personal experiences of beauty specialist founder Davinia and her brother, co-founder Dr Stephen Tang. Davinia’s first-hand experience with the effectiveness of Facial Physiotherapy as a form of recovery from facial injuries started their many years of in-depth research and development into facial exercises and massages for both recovery and anti-ageing purposes. With their specialised knowledge, they were able to create a collection of unique anti-ageing products and devices – providing a natural and highly effective way to help one retain a youthful appearance. DAVISAGE products are effective, non-invasive and approved by medical professionals, dermatologists and beauty therapists.


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