Limited Edition Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic 298g - EULOGIA OF SPARTA


Limited Edition Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic 298g


Awarded the two stars by the prestigious Great Taste Awards, this Limited Edition Arkoi Pine Honey with Chios Mastic comes from a small Greek island in the Dodecanese archipelago over near the coast of Turkey. It’s created using two of Greece’s natural treasures. Firstly, raw pine honey, which is created when bees ingest the sugary honeydew left behind by insects feed on pine tree sap. As if this wasn’t rare enough, it’s then mixed with mastic from the island of Chios, further north in the Aegean Sea. Mastic is a resin from the tree Pistacia lentiscus and is known in Greece as the tears of Chios. Sun dried, it has a bitterness that works as a wonderful foil to the sweetness of the honey and it also adds complementary pine and cedar notes. Mastic’s antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties provide a wide range of health benefits, mirroring those of the raw honey it’s mixed into.

The result is a rich honey with a pine forest freshness and an unctuous texture. It makes an incredible addition to dressings and marinades, particularly for fish or when roasting cauliflower, and can be served alongside a cheeseboard, stirred into your favourite herbal tea or drizzled over ice cream. Alternatively, a small spoonful can be eaten each day for its health benefits.

Established in 2012, Eulogia of Sparta create some of the most nutritious and unforgettably delicious honeys on the planet. Eulogia – pronounced “you-lōh-gee-uh” – translates from Greek as “blessing”, and their premium raw honeys are a blessing of the natural world that surrounds them. And have you ever seen a more glamorously packaged honey?

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Full Ingredients:

Raw Greek Pine Honey, Mastic.

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