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Sherry Cask Gin 500ml


Whisky aged in Sherry casks may be commonplace, but gin is whole different story. And Four Pillars’ Sherry Cask Gin is just as intriguing as it sounds…

Four Pillars built a solera system, a series of barrels usually used for ageing Sherry but sometimes rum. Aged gin is bottled from the oldest barrels at the bottom of the solera, each row is then topped up from the row above and then new gin (made to the same recipe as the multiple-gold-medal-winning Rare Dry Gin) is fed in at the top to fill the gap. What makes Four Pillar’s solera system unique is that it was constructed from 42 Sherry casks varying in age from 15 to 35 years old, some from Spain and some that used to hold a local fortified wine historically known as “Australian Sherry”, but now called Apera. This ageing process gives the distinctive pine, toasted almond, fruitcake and dried fruit notes that playfully frolic with the Asian spices and orange of the base gin. A dash of Amontillado Sherry has added depth of flavour and a touch of sweetness reminiscent of marmalade. Sip this neat over ice, or alternatively with tonic or mixed into a Tuxedo cocktail or a never-to-be-forgotten martini.

Four Pillars is a small Australian distiller who create awe-inspiring gins in a copper still called Wilma. A no expense spared approach – Wilma was created by Germany’s oldest maker who only create 25 stills per year – and an immense attention to detail ensures a top quality product. For example it took them 18 months to decide on the ten base botanicals, they triple filter their Yarra Valley water, gins are produced in batches of just 460 bottles and they use whole oranges in the distilling process – quite an unusual approach.

£10.6 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 2802038

Style No.: 699738

Country: Australia
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 43.8%
Volume: 500ml

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