Foursquare Rum Distillery

Foursquare hails from the tropical paradise of Barbados, also the birthplace of rum. This family-run distillery brought the world legends that are always in easy reach of top bartenders and rum aficionados, such as R.L. Seale’s, Doorly’s and John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum. Originally a sugar factory, it’s now run by distiller Richard Seale – the fourth generation of one of Barbados’ oldest trading houses and one of the greatest rum makers of our time. While many in the industry use sugar and flavourings to smooth their rums and hide behind an illusion of quality, Seale vehemently eschews these things, preferring artisanal methods, transparency, education and rich, dry styles. Alongside friends at Hampden and Worthy Park in Jamaica and Luca Gargano (the man behind the Genoa-based bottler Velier), Foursquare are part of the Guardians of Rum – a small group who, in Richard Seale’s words, want to “take rum back”.