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Veritas means “truth”. This is not just the ultimate white rum for making a Daiquiri, it’s a political statement about the industry today. Rum is a confusing category. Most bottles tell you very little about how they’ve been made. Often lots of sugar is added, masking the character with commercial yeasts and also removing any sense of the rum's origin. Then, finally, all the different styles are labelled as “rum”, giving the drinker very little to go on.

Pioneering rum experts, namely Richard Seale at Foursquare, Luca Gargano at the bottler and distributor Velier and our favourite Hampden Estate, want to change all that. So they’ve teamed up to form a collective called 'The Guardians of Rum'. Together they’re starting to tell the truth about rum.

Veritas is a blend of Coffey Column Still and Pot Still rum, created at Foursquare in Barbados, and a relatively low ester (for this distillery) Double Retort Pot Still rum from Hampden in Jamaica. Married together and bottled unfiltered – as you’ll see by the slightly yellow hue – it has no sugar added and only natural yeasts are used. The result is a revolutionary white rum that’s rich, creamy and has a real sense of the sugar cane it was made from. Expect barbequed banana, crunchy pineapple, lime zest, custard creams, pickle brine, ginger fudge, buttered crumpets, liquorice and toasted nuts.

Although designed specifically for bartenders, this ground-breaking drop is so good you can drink it neat – which can’t be said for many white rums. We love it with ginger beer, but just to reiterate, there is no better rum for making Daiquiris with.

£6.29 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 2990446

Style No.: 734814

Country: Various
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 47%
Volume: 700ml

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