Carnal Flower Hair & Body Oil 200ml - FREDERIC MALLE
  • Carnal Flower Hair & Body Oil 200ml - FREDERIC MALLE
  • Carnal Flower Hair & Body Oil 200ml - FREDERIC MALLE
  • Carnal Flower Hair & Body Oil 200ml - FREDERIC MALLE


Carnal Flower Hair & Body Oil 200ml


Frédéric Malle’s Carnal Flower Hair and Body Oil is a new weapon for anyone in search of a magnetic, and sexy perfume to lure others into his or her web. Warmed in the palm of your hand, a few drops are enough to cuddle your body, instantly softening and enhancing the skin. Run through your hair, each strand is given renewed brilliance.

If nature offers olfactive clashes, tuberose is probably the best example of these. These pretty flowers exude an almost carnal smell, superimposing in a quasi-miraculous way flower-shop freshness, camphorous violence - spicy and animalic - and milky sweetness. This mysterious equilibrium has always fascinated perfumers. Frédéric Malle’s Carnal Flower Eau De Parfum took perfumer Dominique Ropion eighteen months to perfect and create a modern version of that theme.
Dominique Ropion trained at the legendary Roure Bertrand Dupont laboratory before going to work with Jean-Louis Sieuzac, one of the perfumery world's great technicians. What makes Ropion's work special is the mix of precision and freedom, and his quest to create new, harmonious accords by pairing ingredients that are polar opposites. An adventurer who abandons himself to instinct, Dominique Ropion is also extremely rigorous in the final stages of the formulation of each of his fragrances.

Top notes: water fruits (melon) and vegetal notes, tuberose (fresh aspect)
Base notes: tuberose (milky aspect), musk

£75 per 100.00ml

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Apply all over the body to soothe dry skin and run through ends of the hair to restore lustre and softness.

As a third-generation perfume specialist, Frédéric Malle is considered a global authority on the art of fragrance. Together with his hand-picked team of elite perfumers, the Editions de Parfums house is driven by creative freedom, access to the highest quality raw materials, and time to nurture excellence. They collaborate as authors would with an editor, constantly revisiting compositions to the point of perfection, and always striving to create the modern classics of tomorrow.


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