Organic Wholegrain Tahini 350g - Grecious


Organic Wholegrain Tahini 350g


Goodness Grecious. We all know we should eat more wholegrains and this is a really easy way to start. Made from nothing but pure unhulled sesame seeds, this nut-free, gluten-free, salt-free, vegan-friendly and protein-rich Organic Wholegrain Tahini is a miracle food of the highest order (think protein, fibre, iron, calcium, omega-3, etc.). Bursting with sunshine, flavour and well-documented health benefits, you can stir it into hummus, dressings, smoothies, brownies, noodles, greens and our new favourite comfort food, dan dan noodles. 

Launched exclusively through Harvey Nichols, Grecious is a family-run business that celebrates Greek flavours. Although their products are inherently healthy, they have a richness that pays tribute to Greece’s decadent history.

Working as a teacher Iliana Kapragkou, started to look for ways to boost her energy. After a stressful term, she spent a summer holiday recuperating in her grandmother’s village, eating her grandmother’s favourite breakfast of homemade bread lathered with tahini and drizzled with raw honey. The huge impact this simple dish had on her emotional and physical wellbeing planted the seed for Grecious. So, as soon as she got home, Iliana started importing products from her hometown of Thessaloniki and the surrounding countryside.

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Full Ingredients:

100% Unhulled Sesame Seeds.

Allergy notes: sesame.

Tahini is a pure natural product made from pulped sesame seeds without preservatives or other additives. The separation of oil and its presence on the surface is natural.

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