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Mai Tai Cocktail 125ml


Welcome to the future of cocktails. A pre-made Mai Tai so tropical, so sun-kissed, so flavoursome and so complex, it’s as if a bartender had mixed it in front of your very eyes on the beach.

Small enough to easily fit in the fridge, this cute metal bottle contains a single-serving mixture of environmentally responsible Puerto Rican rums from a 150-year-old distillery, triple sec, Caribbean pineapple liqueur, lime juice and orgeat syrup. There’s nothing weird, no preservatives and no widgets; just a little bit of air in the top so that when you shake it, it gets a proper mix. The result is a bar-quality cocktail at home, without all that clackety noise and without having to make sure your ice cube trays are full, you have all the ingredients and you can find the cocktail shaker. Simply chill it right down, shake vigorously for ten seconds to aerate and mix, then pour the contents into a glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with fresh mint and a lime wedge if you’re feeling fancy.

The Mai Tai is the ultimate Tiki cocktail and a true classic. In essence, it’s a Daiquiri made using aged rum, but with the addition of orange liqueur and orgeat (almond) syrup. As the legend goes, it was invented by Victor Jules Bergeron, better known as Trader Vic, in the 1940s. He served it to his friend Carrie Guild from Tahiti, who on tasting it exclaimed something along the lines of “maita’i roa”, meaning “excellent” or “out of this world”, and Mai Tai just stuck. To up the tropical ante, we’ve also added a dash of pineapple into the mix. So, if you want an “out of this world” Tiki experience, then simply reach for the revolutionary Harvey Nichols Mai Tai Cocktail.

£4.8 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3569565

Style No.: 853081

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 15%
Volume: 125ml
Allergens: Nuts

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