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Spirit of Hven

Hvenus Rye Whisky 500ml


Rye Whisky is such an underrated spirit, it has so much to offer everyone from Single Malt aficionados to gin drinkers, who will love its peppery spice. Hvenus, made by the Spirit of Hven, is one of the very best examples we’ve found. The experience is somewhat like visiting the Swedish island of Hven; you are met by cliffs of black pepper, toasted oak, sweet vanilla, nougat, runny honey, dark chocolate, ginger, mixed spices and orange zest, once over them the land and flavour profile open into fields of grain, freshly mown lawns, baled hay, mint and wildflowers. It’s spectacularly complex stuff.

Hven create their new make spirit from a mash bill comprising 78.6% rye, 11.9% wheat, 4.8% corn and 4.8% barley. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that’s over 100%, but that’s just Hven – always giving a little bit extra. They fill this into 42 casks, made from the finest American oak, and leave it to mature for up to six years. These casks are then carefully blended together to create Hvenus – named after Venus, a planet many associate with copper, the material used to create Hven’s stills. It receives no charcoal filtration and no sugar or colour are added, resulting in a wonderfully pure and deeply flavoured Rye Whisky.

The tiny Swedish island of Ven (local spelling ‘Hven’ with a silent H), can be found between Sweden and Denmark in the Øresund strait. Less than three square miles in size, it only has around 400 inhabitants, who busy themselves fishing, growing durum wheat and grapes, using the observatories built by Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe to look at the stars, and dealing with the influx of tourists in the summer. A few of them run the Spirit of Hven – one of the smallest commercial pot still distilleries in the world. Their diminutive stature gives them full control to the most minute of details, the small size of the still gives a larger relative surface area and maximises flavour, and it gives them plenty of opportunity to experiment. As a result there are a lot of super tasting spirits coming from this minuscule island.

£12 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3047674

Style No.: 749814

Country: Sweden
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 45.6%
Volume: 500ml

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