Old No.7 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey - Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's

Old No.7 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey


Is there a more rock ‘n’ roll whiskey on the planet thank Jack Daniel’s Old No.7?

Nope, we didn’t think so.

The mash bill for Jack Daniel’s comprises predominantly corn, with a little rye for spice and malt for structure. This Tennessee Whiskey is mellowed by allowing it to drip slowly through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal, before being matured in handcrafted barrels. It’s then sampled regularly and only deemed ready when it tastes just right. Hidden behind the iconic black label is a mellow joy, with notes of sweet vanilla, caramel, toasty oak, smoke, crème brûlée, gentle spices and something that reminds us of breakfast, not because we drink Jack Daniel’s for breakfast, but because it tastes a little like honeyed granola, studded with roasted nuts and banana chips, doused in creamy milk. Drink it neat on the rocks or mix it with cola, but whatever you do, make sure the music is turned up loud while you do it.

£32.14 per 750.00ml

SKU No.: 328495

Style No.: 91351

Country: USA
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 700ml

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