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Mukantei Ginjo Sake 300ml


Winner of a gold medal at The Fine Sake Awards in Japan, Kikusui’s Mukantei Ginjo is as stunning as the bottle it comes in.  Bright, crisp and refreshing, it has a glacial quality to it. Dry, but with just the suggestion of sweetness, its delicate notes of jasmine, steamed rice, banana, melon, green apple and yuzu sorbet flit gently across the palate like cherry blossom petals floating down from the trees.

Mukantei was first made in the 1980s. At that time the Japanese authorities ranked the quality of rice wine in three tiers: Tokkyu (the top Special Class), Ikkyu (First Class) and Nikyu (Second Class). The higher the class, the higher the tax, which made Tokkyu unaffordable to most. Mukantei was good enough to be ranked as Tokkyu, but Kikusui refused to submit it for appraisal, choosing instead to sell it as the default lower tier Nikyu as they believe that high-quality sake should be enjoyed by everyone. That’s why it is called Mukantei, which means “uncrowned emperor”.

The “Ginjo” in the name tells you three things. Firstly, that this a premium sake. Secondly, that it’s made from highly polished rice, 45% of each grain is gently milled away, resulting in a light and aromatic style. And finally, a little brewer’s alcohol is added to the four main ingredients – rice, water, koji and yeast – which, converse to what might be expected, actually makes sake smoother. This makes it an exceptional choice to serve chilled alongside citrus-doused seafood, such as ceviche, calamari or creamy lemon shrimp pasta.

Established in 1881, Kikusui is a very humble brewery that has been built up slowly by five generations of the Takasawa family. The brewery itself has been destroyed twice by natural disasters, first by an earthquake and then they were washed away by a flood. But the Takasawa family refuse to let that get in the way of creating exceptional sake. You’ll find them north of Tokyo in Niigata. This prefecture is home to the Echigo School of Brewing and almost one hundred sake breweries. Sake making is so popular here because of the quality of the rice and the pristine water that comes from snowmelt.

£4.33 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3029848

Style No.: 741648

Country: Japan
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 16%
Volume: 300ml

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