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Fans of Japanese cuisine will have undoubtedly come across the electrifying zing of sansho berries. Not dissimilar to Szechuan peppercorns, these natural flavour enhancers stimulate the taste receptors in your brain while delivering a tongue-tingling prickle, zesty citrus and fiery pepper. These explosive little berries are what give the Japanese-inspired Kokoro Gin its distinctive flavour.

Welshman Clive Willian Nicol – who has been an arctic explorer, a master of the martial arts, a writer, a singer, a conservationist and a comedian among other things – now lives in the Afan Woodland in the Japanese Alps. It was here that he discovered wild sansho berries and introduced them to his nephew James. For James Nicol this revelation was the final piece in a gin puzzle he’d been battling with for some time. Flash-freezing them, he packed them into dry ice and rushed back to the UK to combine them with juniper, lemon peel, sweet orange, almond, angelica root, liquorice, savoury and coriander seeds. And that's how Kokoro Gin was born.

Kokoro means heart in Japanese. And the heart of this invigorating gin lies deep in the woods of Japan with the kodama, tengu and other forest spirits. But it is also a spirit of adventure, so use it to create a gin and tonic garnished with fresh ginger or yuzu; a Negroni with a splash of green tea; or a Red Snapper – gin’s answer to the Bloody Mary – with a little wasabi.

£8.75 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 2541957

Style No.: 651290

Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 42%
Volume: 200ml

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