Vinterglöd Mulled Wine Cask Swedish Single Malt Whisky - MACKMYRA
  • Vinterglöd Mulled Wine Cask Swedish Single Malt Whisky - MACKMYRA
  • Vinterglöd Mulled Wine Cask Swedish Single Malt Whisky - MACKMYRA


Vinterglöd Mulled Wine Cask Swedish Single Malt Whisky


You’ve just found your winter whisky…

Part of Mackmyra’s limited-edition seasonal range, Vinterglöd (meaning ‘winter glow’) is a single malt whisky with a flavour profile inspired by the Swedish love of mulled wine during the colder months. It’s matured barrels that previously held Swedish mulled wine made by Saturnus Glögg and Pedro Ximénez Sherry from Spain, plus just a little American oak. This imparts notes of pomander, marmalade, mulled wine, marzipan, gingerbread, candied fruits, Christmas cake, cherry liqueur chocolate, caramelised nuts, crème de cassis, grapefruit, poached pear, spicy oak and just a little honeyed granola. This experimental and elegant dram might just become our new favourite festive tradition.

Mackmyra, located in the province of Gästrikland, opened its doors in 1999, becoming the first distillery in Sweden to create whisky. Although their pot still comes from Rothes in Scotland, pretty much everything else that goes into making their single malts is Swedish, including the sweet barley (which they smoke themselves over peat and juniper twigs), the yeast, the peat from a local bog near Österfärnebo, and the crystal clear water drawn from a spring fed by the Valboåsen hills. They even cooper Swedish oak from a forest located on the island of Visingsö to make some of their barrels. The whiskies are then matured in a warehouse 50 metres underground in the Bodäs mine, which was once dug for ore, then used to grow mushrooms and is now home to some of the finest whisky on the planet. The whiskies have garnered such a strong reputation that Mackmyra opened a deluxe second site at Gävle, this impressive climate-smart and gravity-fed facility stands some 35m high. Mackmyra can now rival many Scottish distilleries in terms of output, but unlike their Scotch counterparts, they produce no blended whisky, just single malt and a little gin.

£10 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3299955

Style No.: 833244

Country: Sweden
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 46.1%
Volume: 700ml

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