1826 Mint Julep Handcrafted Cocktail 500ml - Maker's Mark
  • 1826 Mint Julep Handcrafted Cocktail 500ml - Maker's Mark
  • 1826 Mint Julep Handcrafted Cocktail 500ml - Maker's Mark
  • 1826 Mint Julep Handcrafted Cocktail 500ml - Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark

1826 Mint Julep Handcrafted Cocktail 500ml


An all-American classic created using one of the world’s favourite Bourbon’s, Maker’s Mark.

Enjoy a bar-quality Mint Julep in the comfort of your own home. To serve, add a measure of 1826 Mint Julep (we recommend chilling it in the refrigerator) to a glass or tin Julep cup with crushed ice. Gently stir to mix. The technical term here is ‘churn’, but that has us thinking of heading to the dairy for some milk. Top with more crushed ice and garnish with a sprig of mint that has been slapped against the back of your hand to bruise it and release all those glorious aromas.

A Julep is a tall drink served over crushed ice and the Mint Julep is the most famous of its kind. The name is thought to derive from ‘gulab’, a combination of the Persian words for flower and water. The modern Bourbon-based Mint Julep has become the official tipple of the Kentucky Derby, so maybe consider pairing this with a spot of horse racing to get the full experience.

Thomas Lowndes & Co. was founded on the bustling docks of London in 1826, importing exceptional spirits from all around the globe. 1826 Handcrafted Cocktails revives his entrepreneurial spirit by creating pre-mixed classic cocktails using premium ingredients from some of the finest distilleries on the planet.

Maker’s Mark is handmade right down to each bottle being individually dipped in red wax. This pioneering producer replaced traditional distiller’s rye with red winter wheat to create a smoother whiskey. This wheat is fermented with heirloom yeasts that have been used by the Samuels family for 150 years. It’s then double-distilled in copper stills, before being filled into charred barrels. Those barrels are then rolled by hand into the warmest part of the warehouse, where they spend many hot Kentucky summers melding with the wood and developing that signature style. Maker’s Mark is a masterclass on how Bourbon should be done.

£5.6 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3348887

Style No.: 850084

Country: Various
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 28%
Volume: 500ml

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