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Matusalem Rum

23 Gran Reserva Rum


Matusalem’s top-of-the-line rum is the kind of winter warmer that makes a ski jacket feel like a string vest. An explosion of orange zest, maple syrup drizzled over hot pancakes, homemade jam bubbling on the stove, golden syrup, honey-roasted almonds and plum crumble with a dollop of whipped vanilla cream. Come in from the cold and warm up Caribbean style.

First produced in Santiago de Cuba in 1872, Matusalem was forced to cease operations during the Cuban Revolution. Resurrected by one of the original founders’ great-grandsons in the Dominican Republic, the spirit of Cuba and one of the rum world’s true icons was reborn.

This Caribbean molasses rum is aged in a Solera system rather like those used for Sherry. The Solera system is a series of barrels with the oldest on the bottom and the youngest on the top. Rum is bottled from the bottom row, that row is then topped up from the next oldest on the level up and so on up the system, the gap at the top is then filled with young rum. For this bottling of Matusalem the average age of the rum in the Solera is 23 years old, in reality, some is a lot older and some a little younger.

£10.71 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 2851538

Style No.: 708598

Country: Dominican Republic
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 700ml

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