Durango, Oaxaca & Guerrero Mezcal Gift Pack 3 x 200ml - MEZCALES DE LEYENDA
  • Durango, Oaxaca & Guerrero Mezcal Gift Pack 3 x 200ml - MEZCALES DE LEYENDA
  • Durango, Oaxaca & Guerrero Mezcal Gift Pack 3 x 200ml - MEZCALES DE LEYENDA


Durango, Oaxaca & Guerrero Mezcal Gift Pack 3 x 200ml


Exclusive to Harvey Nichols, this stunning Mezcal Gift Pack allows you to explore from northern Mexico down to the south coast and finish in the culinary mecca that is Oaxaca. Contained within, you’ll discover three 200ml bottles starting with a floral and leathery Mezcal from Durango, which is made using the wild Cenizo agave and tastes like buttered popcorn and freshly cut grass. Next up is our favourite from Guerrero – all tropical fruit, musky papaya, smoked caramel and just a hint of parmesan filthiness. And finally, there’s a classic Espadín from Oaxaca, crisp with lemongrass, medicinal notes, lemon curd and roasted agave. Lay these out on the table for taco night and let your guests get involved with the true spirit of Mexico.

Mezcales de Leyenda work with some of the country’s finest producers. Their wild agave can take up to ten years to mature and you need more than ten plants to make a single bottle of Mezcal; that’s before you even start the process of roasting in lava rock pits or clay ovens, crushing, slow fermenting with natural yeast and double distilling in a copper. This is a labour of love that you can taste in every drop.

We're proud to be one of the first to offer Mezcales de Leyenda in the UK. Not only is this an earth-shatteringly awesome range of handcrafted Mezcals, but this is a company committed to social and environmental responsibility. As well as supporting some of Mexico’s most marginalised communities and working with institutions who protect the Mexican countryside, they’re fair trade ensuring reasonable wages for their workers. Where they use wild agave, they only select ones deemed sustainable by SEMARNAT (the Mexican Department of Forestry), and where they use farmed agave, they only work with growers who replace at least one plant for every one they harvest. Even the bottles are made from recycled glass and paper, before being stoppered with a certified natural cork. In 2005 Mezcales de Leyenda opened the very first bar in Mexico City dedicated exclusively to artisanal Mezcal, this is a producer at the very cutting edge of this category.

SKU No.: 3114683

Style No.: 770748

Country: Mexico
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 45%
Volume: 600ml

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