Smoked Hot Paprika 50g - Mill & Mortar
  • Smoked Hot Paprika 50g - Mill & Mortar
  • Smoked Hot Paprika 50g - Mill & Mortar

Mill & Mortar

Smoked Hot Paprika 50g


Mill & Mortar’s Smoked Hot Paprika gets its deep smokiness when the spicy peppers are dried over beech in the smokehouses – called “secaderos” – built in the same fields they are grown in. Picked, smoked, ground without barely moving, then packaged and delivered to you, so you can sprinkle it over your morning scramble of eggs, tofu or ackee; use it to impart smokiness and heat to Hungarian dishes like goulash, pörkölt, chicken paprikash or lecsó; or bolster the depth of flavour of paella, beans, dressings, dips, marinade, roasted vegetables and patatas bravas with it. Warning this kind of smoking is also highly addictive.

The Danish fine spice emporium Mill & Mortar, established in 2008, believes that spices should be treated with the same level of respect that wine, coffee and olive oil enjoy. Knowing the origin of your spices, how and when they were harvested and what processing they’ve undergone, can revolutionise the food and drink you create. That’s why Iben Büchet travels the world, handpicking the finest and most sustainably produced spices she can find from that year’s harvest, and particularly those that tell the true story of the people who made them.

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Full Ingredients:

Smoked Hot Spanish Paprika.

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