Lithuanian Tallgrass Borderland Vodka 500ml - Potocki


Lithuanian Tallgrass Borderland Vodka 500ml


Lithuanian Tallgrass Borderland Vodka is crafted from rye sourced from the fields that surround the Potocki Distillery. It’s twice distilled for smoothness and infused with freshly picked grass from the Białowieża Forest. Once part of Lithuania, but now on the Polish side of the border with Belarus, this World Heritage site is home to wolves, bears, deer, lynx, moose and of course the majestic beasts that give the Lithuanian Tallgrass that grows there its more common name: “bison grass”.

Used to flavour Polish vodka for centuries, this grass imparts a greenish yellow hue, a vegetal freshness, crisp citrus and a touch of third wave coffee beans. Potocki is bottled unfiltered, so as not to strip away the character of the vodka, so those grassy flavours are layered on top of the already complex nutty rye notes, vanilla sweetness and pinch of spice.  Aromatic and silky, this vodka can be sipped alongside a meal, particularly pierogi and bigos, or mixed into an outstanding Martini.

Once the owners of the splendid Łancut Castle, the Potocki family have been producing vodka since 1784. Unfortunately, their distillery was nationalised after World War II, which led to a slow deterioration and its eventual closing down in 1992. Luckily for vodka aficionados everywhere, Jan-Roman Potocki was on hand to keep the dream alive. Since he reopened the family business, Potocki has quickly amassed a loyal following among leading bartenders and those who really know their vodka. Much favoured by Polish and Lithuanian nobility, the Potocki Distillery in Łancut first produced a bison grass vodka in the 1920s. Although it disappeared for a while, the rebirth of their long lost spirit is worth celebrating. Na Zdrowie!

£6.7 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3043668

Style No.: 743818

Country: Poland
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 39%
Volume: 500ml

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