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Persian Blue Salt 100g


After Persian Blue cats with their adorable scrunched up faces, our second favourite Persian Blue thing is salt. Persian Blue Salt is the rarest and most exclusive salt on Earth. This is salt that crystallised from seas that existed 260 million years ago, long before anything nasty like humans could pollute them. The colour comes from the formation of the crystal structure under intense pressure. The crystals fracture the light creating the optical illusion of shimmering sapphire-coloured rock crystals. This salt has a mild flavour and a course texture, perfect for grinders or adding a glamorous touch to cocktail glasses or finished dishes.

Created by Nicola and her husband Nick in 2012, Sous Chef has become a lifeline for anyone who loves cooking, from Michelin-starred restaurants to home cooks. Curating gastronomic ingredients that are highly prized and hard to find, they instil a sense of adventure into every kitchen they reach.

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Persian Blue Salt.

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