Botanicals For Gin & Tonic Set - Special Touch
  • Botanicals For Gin & Tonic Set - Special Touch
  • Botanicals For Gin & Tonic Set - Special Touch

Special Touch

Botanicals For Gin & Tonic Set


Special Touch Gin & Tonic Botanicals Set is composed of 10 botanicals including; classic juniper berries, cardamom and pink pepper, exotic seasonings like the hibiscus flower, cubeb pepper, rose petals, cassia, liquorice, star anise or kumquat. The range of possibilities is infinite when using the botanicals to add bespoke flavouring and aromatics to your gin and tonic, using the muddling spoon provided.

For lovers of classic gin and tonic the best option is to incorporate two or three juniper berries, while for a more spiced gin and tonic add a few cardamom pods, slightly crushed, or one of the two peppers, pink or Cubeb pepper. For those seeking a more aromatic and floral combination rose petals and hibiscus flower are perfect and also give natural colour (the gin and tonic gets a beautiful red ruby color). On the contrary, if looking for sweeter flavours, you will need to add a "special touch" with liquorice, star anise or cassia, which also provides an interesting element with citrus aromas and flavours. But if you prefer a citrus drink, the best option is to use a piece of kumquat, the smallest citrus fruit and the only one whose skin is edible. The possibilities are deliciously endless! Set includes 10 botanicals.

£21.25 per 100.00g

SKU No.: 1748054

Style No.: 476610

Full Ingredients:

Juniper Berries (21g), Cardamom (19g), Hibiscus Flower (6g), Pink Pepper (18g) (Nuts), Cubeb (21g), Kumquats (16g), Star Anise (10g), Liquorice (33g), Chinese Cinnamon (28g), Persian Roses (5g).

Allergy notes: nuts.

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