Swoon is a design-led furniture brand for the home-obsessed. They love the swatch collectors and inspiration board builders who love the thrill of the search — not just the find. Those that put time, effort and love into getting their home precisely as they want it. And then live to tweak it and watch it evolve.

Swoon was created with the aim of giving these home-lovers beautiful designs at fair prices. The Swoon Studio works tirelessly to create original pieces which fuel your home obsession. They love what they do, and, more than anything, they want to help you create your personal sanctuary — your home.

The world is their design inspiration — and it’s only when you stop that you see the beauty in our everyday surroundings. Inspiration is everywhere — from the shapes of buildings and the way paths crisscross to the texture of a wall. They look to the urban landscape to encourage innovative thinking in form, material and technique. They also have a deep-rooted belief in the value of craft and work directly with the best artisans in the UK, Europe and the world to bring their designs to life.