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Gokai Futsu-shu Sake 180ml


Born to be wild. Gokai – meaning “wild” in Japanese – is part sake, part wild child. Made in Kyoto with Takara Brewery’s own Hanbei yeast, this is social sake for good times. Light and dry, it has an intriguing umami quality that’s wonderful with food. Serve it chilled with sushi, salads, pickles, tempura and salty snacks, and it will display jasmine, cream and palate-invigorating crispness. Alternatively, warm it up by flipping the beer cap off and either popping it in a bain-marie for 5 minutes, or in the microwave with a wooden chopstick in it to transmit the heat. You’re looking for a temperature of around 45-55°C to release all the deliciously roasty coffee, chestnut, walnut and caramelised onion flavours. If you’re serving it warm, consider okonomiyaki, yakitori or tapas-style dishes. And when you’re done, the cute bottle (the label is printed on so that it won’t come off when warmed) can be used as a toothbrush holder, vase or watering can for pot plants.

Sake is divided into two basic types. Tokutei Meisho-Shu is premium sake, comparable to fine wine. Futsu-shu is everyday sake, more like a table wine. This very popular latter style makes up 80% of the market and is highly drinkable, a good all-rounder with food and can be consumed warm, room temperature or chilled. Futsu-shu is the style you are most likely to have been served in an izakaya, bar or restaurant in Japan. And Gokai is an excellent example of this category.

Takara first started brewing back in 1842. The original brewery is in Japan’s old capital, Kyoto. After the Millennium an impressive second brewery was added to the portfolio called Shirakabe Gura. Located in the neighbouring prefecture Hyogo – home to Kobe beef – the name of this second site means “White Wall” – a badge of honour of the cleanliness required to make great sake.

£3.61 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3014991

Style No.: 741630

Country: Japan
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 15%
Volume: 180ml

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