As regal, resplendent and undeniably Scottish as the silver stag emblazoned across their bottles, Dalmore is nothing short of legendary. Early owners of this distillery in Alness, just north of Inverness, came from Clan Mackenzie. Each bottle of Dalmore bears a twelve-point stag in honour of the Mackenzie’s Chief Colin of Kintail, who famously saved King Alexander III of Scotland from a charging buck and was rewarded the right to use this royal emblem. Fortune favours the brave apparently and if you’re looking for Dutch courage, this is a delicious way to obtain it. Especially considering the whiskies are made by the iconic Master Distiller Richard Paterson, a man so skilled he once insured his nostrils for £1.6 million with Lloyd’s of London. The wonderfully mahogany Scotch he produces at Dalmore is rich and full-bodied, making it the ultimate postprandial dram and a perfect partner to a cigar.