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Unfiltered Vintage Potato Vodka 2015 500ml


Once upon a time vodka had a sense of place, the spirit of the land from whence it came, fire in its belly, and to put it bluntly: character. Over time this has been polished and smoothed out, distilled and filtered to oblivion, leading to one being barely discernible from the next. One of the brands making a heroic stand against this trending travesty is Vestal Vodka.

Proving that vodka can deliver character, complexity and a real sense of “terroir”, Vestal’s Unfiltered Vintage Potato Vodka 2015 is a Martini maker’s must-have. Crafted using red-skinned Asterix potatoes grown near the Baltic coast, these undergo a lively fermentation before being distilled – just once – on a Karl Pot-Column still. Bottled with no filtration to avoid stripping out its personality, the result positively pulses with notes of agave, smoke, blueberry, candlewax, peach, apricot, caraway, Scandinavian liquorice, marshmallow and buttered baked potato seasoned with freshly ground black pepper. Like a fine wine, if you pour this vodka and leave it, the flavour starts to develop and change, becoming richer and creamier. Fabulous to sip neat with pierogi or bigos, and it has become our go-to for the perfect Martini.

While other brands clamour to become ‘Super Premium’, Vestal remains staunchly ‘Craft’. And your taste buds will tell you that there can only be one winner.

Vestal Vodka is created by Will Borrell, who is not only an honest, affable and extremely knowledgeable chap, but also the brother of Razorlight frontman Johnny. With family links to Poland, he can regale you with stories of tasting moonshine made in barns using that year’s harvest of weird and wonderful potatoes, each one with its own unique character, not dissimilar to vintage variations and grape varieties in wine. Having established three successful neighbourhood bars located in London’s Kentish Town, Camden and Kings Cross, two in repurposed Victorian public toilets and one on a barge, he’s a man who really knows his onions (or should that be potatoes?) when it comes to cocktails. Making his vodka a must-have. The bottle has been given a stylish new look, incorporating recycled glass to make it as sustainable as it is delicious.

£5.2 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3273989

Style No.: 822983

Country: Poland
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 500ml

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