Snow Crystal Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml - Yuki No Bosha Sake
  • Snow Crystal Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml - Yuki No Bosha Sake
  • Snow Crystal Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml - Yuki No Bosha Sake

Yuki No Bosha Sake

Snow Crystal Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml


As refreshing, intricate and fleeting as a snow flake.

Yuki no Bosha’s Snow Crystal has received awards at the International Wine Challenge every year since 2011. It’s brewed using Akita Sake Komachi, which is polished until just 50% of the rice grain remains. This creates a Junmai Ginjo, one of the most aromatic and refined of the sake styles. However, Yuki no Bosha is particularly famed for its “fukumi-ka” – the lingering fragrance smelt as you hold the sake in your mouth and breathe. And it’s truly exquisite in Snow Crystal, there’s the most intense green apple and lime zest, coupled with a very Japanese aroma of jasmine and cherry blossom. We recommend serving chilled in a wine glass as an alternative to white wines such as Chablis and Sancerre.

Saiya Brewery, who make Yuki no Bosha, don’t let the high demand for their exquisite sake impact their strict, methodical and quality-focussed approach. Great sake is worth waiting for. Founded in 1902, it has been run by the Saito family for five generations. Their chief brewer, Mr Takahashi, has been honoured by the Emperor of Japan for his craftsmanship and services to sake. The brewery is based in Yurihonjo, which can be found in Akita prefecture in the north of Japan. Due to their location, they’re rather obsessed with snow, in fact the name Yuki no Bosha means “cabin in the snow”. Regular snowfall provides crystal clear snow and helps with rice growing, pausing the paddy fields over winter. Saiya use their own unique yeast strains and were one of first sake breweries in Japan to be certified as working ecologically. They are masters of the Yamahai style – a slow, complicated and laborious way of creating their starter using wild yeasts, natural bacteria and a large pole, which leads to a rich, tangy, umami and somewhat gamey flavour. However, this sake is as pure as the driven snow.

£7.5 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3014978

Style No.: 741624

Country: Japan
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 16%
Volume: 720ml

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