Adults Eau De Parfum 7.5ml - Kilian
  • Adults Eau De Parfum 7.5ml - Kilian
  • Adults Eau De Parfum 7.5ml - Kilian


Adults Eau De Parfum 7.5ml

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Let's settle this argument like adults, in the bedroom. Kilian created My Kind Of Love, a new fragrance collection reminiscent of moments of seduction without inhibitions, audacious declarations of love and the will to love freely. 

Kilian Hennessy wanted to create the solution to all lovers' quarrels with a fragrance to end all fights. Adults Eau De Parfum is a very sensual scent with a top note of fig milk that hits soft like naked skin, then cedarwood and vanilla prolong the experience into much more than six minutes of pleasure. Seriously, when are you going to grow up and get horizontal?

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Fragrances by Kilian are an alliance between elegance and uncompromising luxury. Having trained with the greatest noses in perfumery and worked for the likes of Dior, McQueen and Armani, Kilian set out to perfect his own exquisite scents.