Tried and Tested: REVIV

A health-boosting vitamin drip put to the test

How far would you go in pursuit of your healthiest self? Receiving vitamins through an IV drip allegedly allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system for a quicker shot of vitality – energy, hangovers and your immune system are supposedly bolstered. The question is – would you join the IV league?

Never has there been a better subject for a Tried and Tested treatment. My weekend endeavours of a hen do, a jubilant dinner and predominantly liquid Sunday lunch made sure I’d be putting REVIV’s famed IV therapy to the test. In fact, I spent most of the weekend screaming:

“One more Margarita – I’m having a Royal Flush tomorrow!”*

The Royal Flush, in the words of REVIV, is for when ‘extreme times call for extreme measures.’ It combines the benefits of three of its most popular IV treatments, packed full of vitamins, minerals antioxidants and electrolytes: the Ultraviv (hangover relief); the Megaboost (for maintaining good health); and the Vitaglow (anti-ageing therapy). Combined with a high-dose glutathione push, the Royal Flush seeks to deliver ‘maximum wellness, recovery and detoxification.’

There’s pretty much no ailment the treatment doesn’t target – hangovers, hay fever, nausea, food poisoning and even acidic stomach problems… you name it. And fortunately (and unfortunately), I suffer from pretty much all of the above. In fact, I had even deliberately forgone my hay-fever tablets to ensure the condition was symptomatic (e.g. I was dribbling, weeping mess). I was taking my task seriously, after all.

Of course, it all started with the IV drip. One of the USPs of the Royal Flush is that it delivers up to two litres of water to the body. But to ensure you don’t hold on to too much water weight, and appear puffy, the figure is adapted according to your BMI. It was decided that I would have an infusion total of 1250ml so, after my blood pressure, heart rate and temperature were taken, I settled down to watch the sweet, sweet vitamins pump into my veins. This sounds much gorier than it was; in fact, I was so relaxed, I spent most of the next hour replying to work emails, smiling smugly at my secret multi-tasking.

I was mildly less relaxed, however, when I realised my extra Slimboost shot (which aims to raise metabolism, burn fat and enhance your immune system) would be injected into my derrière. Nonetheless, with a bit of numbing spray my peachy posterior was protected.

Before I could reflect upon the peculiar state of events, it was all over. I was informed that I had relatively low blood pressure (100/75), which explains why I sometimes feel tired and am the first to whimper in the cold due to my poor circulation. But what surprised me was seeing my BP increase to a perky (128/79) over the course of my treatment. I immediately felt more alert, my eyes opened wider and I detected a spring in my step similar to the one I felt post Cryo. My unsightly hay-fever symptoms also cleared up. It was clear my body was already working more efficiently.

But the best was yet to come: REVIV advised me that the biggest effects are normally noticeable the next day. Surely enough, I was full of boundless energy and had more colour in my cheeks, despite an unrelated sleepless night. You know how it can be difficult to get things in proportion when you lack sleep? This felt like the opposite: instead of problems feeling amplified, I felt like I could take on the world. And the proof was in the pudding. I have powered out 600 words of this review the morning after, and the clock hasn’t even hit 11am.

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*Such behaviour is not recommended.