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Whether you’re team #bighairdontcare or feeling the sting of ‘hair today, gone tomorrow’, haircare can be a minefield for any man. We grow up and learn as we go, but we never really get taught how to look after our locks. So with that in mind, we’ve rallied the troops, and by that we mean hair experts from AONO – our flagship barbers from in our Knightsbridge store, to give you all of the info you need to lead the hirsute life. From why your relationship with your barber is worth the investment to managing the fallout from hair loss and finally finding the right products to suit your style; keep reading and take notes.

Popular men’s hairstyles
On first look, you wouldn’t think there were that many hair styles for men; we’re used to the crop—the short back and sides—a sleek side parting if you’re feeling all business, and the occasional quiff. But while we may not have a host of varied named styles, subtle twists on the norm can help give you an individual look. The best way to find your look is to talk with your barber. They are there to guide you and impart their wisdom – just be warned, you may have your heart set on getting that Ryan Gosling look, but your barber will tell you if it’s not going to suit your face shape.

Dom: Short back and sides is always the popular cut with some length on top to mess up, throw back or slick back. A lot of guys are going to a strong fade, so anything from a grade two down to a zero skin fade are the most common.

You and your barber:
one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have

Men are loyal creatures. When something works, it works, so there’s little need to look elsewhere. The same can be said for hair. When your barber knows you and your style, there’s no easier relationship to manage. It’s a trusted bond between stylist and client. But what are the rules of this relationship? How can you get the most out of your barber?

Shaun: For me a photo is always good because there's no confusion in explaining the haircut since it's there to see in black and white. Although a photo is useless if the hairtype is totally different or just not doable with their hair.
Dom: It’s really important to be realistic about what is achievable with your hair type. We all have different hair types and shaped heads so it’s crucial to listen to what your barber says is achievable with hair, otherwise you’re just going to end up disappointed.
Shaun: I personally really like it when someone says do what you want since it gives me room to be creative or change it up for them, at the same time I always check with them first before cutting but then if they're happy. It's good in my opinion to stick with the same barber, not only does he get to know your hair, how it lies and what style you like but, you build a relationship.
Dom: That fills me with dread! This is where things go wrong. I need a rough concept, then I’ll add in my own thoughts to develop the idea into something that’s achievable.

Take it on face value
Finding a hairstyle to suit isn’t just about working with your hair type. You also need to factor in face shape.

Dom: It's a game of opposites. You can round a square face to soften the overall appearance, or you can square round faces to reduce roundness. Here's a quick cheat sheet of styles that might work for you:

Round face shapes
A short back and sides with a quiff works very well. Side part and quiff or pompadour.

Oval face shapes
Pretty much any style can work on an oval shaped face just try to avoid any style with a fringe as covering the forehead may make the look rounder.

Square face shapes
An all-round even cut and not too short on the sides as it may the head shape look squarer.

Triangle face shapes
Keep things balanced by having a bit off length on top. Anything soft looking to help prefect any sharp angle face structure look sharper.

Let’s talk about men’s hair loss
It’s the topic we all want to talk about, but still feels like some sort of taboo that should never be spoken of. But hair thinning is a common issue a lot of guys have, with most men experience some degree of hair loss by their 30s. Male pattern baldness affects around half of all men by the age of 50, so if you’re one of them, you’re certainly not alone. But what can you do to help stem the loss, or hide it?

Shaun: Male pattern baldness is something I see every day in varying levels. As counter intuitive as it might seem the best thing to do if you're losing your hair is to take the hair down to a shorter length. This makes the hair look thicker since it's the ends of the hair being all wispy and thin that emphasises the baldness. Tight on the sides will draw away from thinning hair on top, I've found that texturising powders are good as well since they almost bulk the hair up but beware using them too much since they can be damaging to the hair and dry it out loads.
Dom: It’s important to use less products with chemicals and never colour the hair. Go organic all the way. Lavender and Moroccan oil is great for promoting hair growth and thickness.

Product, product everywhere, but which one’s for you?
There are a lot of varying products on the market right now, and it can be hard to figure out the difference. Do I need a clay or wax? What actually is a pomade? Do I want a wet or dry look?

Shaun: The main difference between products is if they are wet or dry. For longer lengths, I usually recommend a slightly wetter product to get through the hair. Pomades go on wet and stay wet. They're usually used in classic styles such as pompadours and side partings. Clays, waxes and texturising powders are better for shorter, messier styles since they tend not to stick the hair down so much.
Dom: Even though your preference for finish may change, and you can of course us what you like, we tend to use the following:

Slick back and pompadours

Messy and Matt styles

Control and messy styles

Styles that require a wet look and strong hold

For taming and control on longer hair

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