Escape to Italy with San PellegrinoDiscover Italian food, culture and fashion alongside one of Italy's enduring fine water brands

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Escape to Italy

Famous for their style, food, and familial devotion, Italians are respected the world over for their unique heritage and values. Long-held as an Italian ambassador, for 110 years San Pellegrino has brought Italian culture and elegance to the dining table. Its success is rooted in its identity as an iconic Italian brand that represents Italy abroad.

Italian Society
In Italy, everything starts with the family. As a wise man once said, a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man. This doesn’t end at just parents and children too, in Southern Italy it’s not uncommon for the entire extended family to live under one roof – a pretty big roof.

Italians pride themselves on their elegance and flair, and they greet people with enthusiasm even if they haven’t met before. Greeting someone, new or old, with a kiss is customary – but is it one kiss or two? For someone close to you, you can expect up to three! - and maintaining eye contact with light arm touching during conversation is common. It is generally believed that if someone can’t look you in the eyes it means they are hiding something, so imagine every conversation is a blinking competition.

Style and Image
Bella figura, meaning “good image”, is extremely important in Italy. Appearances mean everything, and a first impression is a lasting impression. The way someone dresses indicates social status and education, but it’s not just about clothes, it’s also a person’s general demeanor and how confident they are. Just think “be cool” over and over in your head.

Home to Gucci, Versace and Prada, amongst others, Italy is world renowned for its fashion. Milan stands up as one of the globe’s “big four” fashion capitals alongside London, Paris and New York.

One of the most popular cuisines in the world, Italian food is rich in both taste and history. Pairing the unique taste of San Pellegrino water (sourced from a spring in the Italian Alps) with a full-bodied wine and an Italian dish of strong flavour, is considered the perfect balance of tastes for the gourmet customer. San Pellegrino isn’t just a sparkling natural mineral water. The unique taste is so synonymous with Italian quality that it has earned its place on the dining table amongst top-notch gourmet food.