Pull Up To The BumperPull up to fashion’s next fun moment – supersize your seams and exaggerate your edges.

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Seen on the shoulders of many a fashion week FROW-er, JW Anderson's bumper bag takes the lead this autumn in silhouette-outlining – found in its many guises, from bumper-car-rubber black to a crystallised iteration for even more fashion peacocking (coming soon). Just as the 60s miniskirt represented a time of revolution, the puffed-up edges of Anderson’s bags and exaggerated piping of other runway collections feel apt to express the return to full-throttle fashion. The framed coats and tubular jewels at Dries Van Noten are strong examples of the symbolic blowing up of balloons for the returning-to-fashion party.


It’s not just JW Anderson’s namesake brand, he also took the mood to LOEWE's for a literal iteration – a full-on car hem for FW22.

The foray to tongue-in-cheek details feels like fashion fun has come back around, where billowing and ballooning silhouettes inflate across hemlines and collars. For a subtle look, take in the details and go for piping and outlined seams and hems, then lean into the physical and symbolic outlining of the outfit as a statement.


Tubular bold accessories like the BOYY WONTON bag give a squishy, fun addition to outline your look, or try some slick, domed metal hardware instead, such as a chunky ring from Alighieri. The bag of the season though? That’s from LOEWE. The Goya bag has harnessed the heart of the fashion crowd – crafted in supple leather with a puffed-up shell as protective as an airbag. Coming soon in suede, this is the epitome of high fashion that brings you joy.


Chubby platforms can inflate to new heights – treat your shoes like the bumper car that’ll take you around with squishy shapes and tubular rubber accents. Cult classic shoe brands Wandler and Aeyde lead the season with sole boosting styles that feel exaggerated but easy-wearing.

Take cues from the bumper bag, or make headway with ballooning silhouettes that inflate your fun all the way to the fair.

Words by Sammiey Hughes