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We’re shining fresh new light on some of the industry’s sustainable fashion stars.

But what is sustainable fashion (versus, say, ethical fashion)?

Sustainable fashion advocates for the planet’s finite resources, using primarily sustainable materials and low-impact manufacturing processes, which thereby minimises any negative environmental effects. Many of our brands also count as ethical fashion – that is, they concern themselves with the fair treatment of workers, as well as other factors like being cruelty-free or using organic materials.

Eileen Fisher

Spearheading the pinnacle of the slow fashion movement, Eileen Fisher creates thoughtful, timeless pieces that never go out of style. The brand’s innovative system of dressing ensures that all its pieces wear seamlessly together, reducing the need to over-purchase clothes. Eileen Fisher also runs a recycling program that accepts gently worn items of its own clothing in exchange for a store voucher; since 2009, the brand has stopped over one million pieces from contributing to landfill. To highlight the immense impact that the fashion industry has on textile waste, Eileen Fisher exhibited its ‘No More Waste’ installation at Harvey Nichols as part of our Re-Imagine campaign.



Founded by Sandra Sandor in 2005, Budapest-born label Nanushka is largely touted for its supple vegan leather that’s been transformed into everything from bags to shirts to dresses. Initially a small launch sold exclusively in Sandor’s native Hungary, the brand’s humble origins allowed it to develop a sustainable philosophy that has carried through into its international release. In order to keep its supply chain transparent and reduce its carbon footprint, 85% of the Nanushka’s collections continue to be produced in Hungary from both environmentally-friendly and upcycled materials. The brand also endeavours to support various non-profit organisations through its Giving Back scheme.


Collina Strada

Although founder Hillary Taymour has stated that she doesn’t personally label her brand as sustainable, Collina Strada is certainly setting the pace for others to follow. Keeping integrity and transparency at the heart of everything she does, Taymour has found ever increasingly innovative ways to embrace an eco-friendlier way of production, from creating fabrics out of rose petals to recycling deadstock destined for landfill. Collina Strada also uses its position as a platform for social issues. Translating its message through a free-spirited attitude and provocative detailing, the brand’s Fashion Week presentations are intended not just for visual aesthetics, but for personal reflection, too.


1/OFF Paris

Rooted in the upcycling movement, 1/OFF Paris – as its name suggests – creates one-of-a-kind pieces from designer vintage items. Due to the individual nature of each design, you’ll never be spotted wearing the same outfit as someone else; and, thanks to the brand’s unisex sizing and inclusive ethos, you needn’t limit yourself to just shopping in the women’s section. With studios located in both Amsterdam and Paris, you can even get a bespoke design created just for you – because, after all, you are also a one-off. 1/OFF Paris uses a variety of vintage designer clothes to craft its collections, including Burberry trench coats and Gucci shirts as well as popular sportswear brands like adidas and Puma.


Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn grew up in a coastal region of New Zealand, which shaped her appreciation for nature and the sustainable ethos of her future fashion label. After studying for a degree in Fashion and Sustainability, she launched her eponymous brand in 2016. Maggie Marilyn designs are founded on the idea that fashion is for life, and that the lifecycle of clothes should be circular – that is, recycled or re-purposed when they reach their end of life. All textiles are ethically and sustainably sourced; all orders are packaged in biodegradable cassava root bags; and by the end of 2020, the brand hopes to have implemented its new Sustainability Strategy, which is aligned with the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Maggie Marilyn can be found at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge.