You can join LOYALTY online at harveynichols.com or by downloading the Harvey Nichols app and registering for LOYALTY from your mobile device. The app can be found in the App Store for iPhone or in Google Play Store for Android. Simply search ‘Harvey Nichols’ or find the app in the Lifestyle category of either app store. LOYALTY is free to join.

Locate your Member ID in the LOYALTY section of your MY HN account page on your internet browser or in our Harvey Nichols app. Your Member ID will be featured on your virtual loyalty card.

No. Your LOYALTY account, which is available both on harveynichols.com and on our App, contains everything you need, including your virtual card with a barcode. At till point, you can choose to have your barcode scanned from the app or simply share your email address or membership ID to be looked up on the system and have points assigned or redeemed that way instead.

Yes, simply log on to your LOYALTY account on your chosen device and navigate to the MY HN page. Here you will be able to view an overview of your LOYALTY account and your respective Points, Cash Rewards and Benefits.

Yes. To sign up to LOYALTY from your account page (MY HN), simply navigate to the ‘Loyalty’ section and select ‘Become a member’. You can do this both on our website or in our new App. Alternatively, when in-store, share your registered email address with the shopping assistant at the till point. The shopping assistant can then trigger a set of email communications to your registered email address inviting you to opt-in to our loyalty program. You must opt-in to LOYALTY to join the programme. It is against the law for our shopping assistants to opt your account into loyalty at till-point.

You can still join the loyalty program in the same way as everyone else. However, if you hold a VIP card you will be able to earn points and redeem cash rewards, but unable to choose and redeem benefits. If any questions, please contact your Private Shopper or our Customer Service team on +44 (0)20 7201 8088

Yes. You can sign-up to LOYALTY if you are an international customer although you can only currently earn points in UK stores and on the UK website (harveynichols.com). You can currently only redeem Benefits and/or points in UK Harvey Nichols stores, bars and restaurants.

Yes. The Harvey Nichols app is shoppable.

Your Level is determined by Your total spend (GBP) within the Harvey Nichols group including in UK stores (retail, services and hospitality) and our website (harveynichols.com). To reach Level 2, you will need to spend a minimum of £500 in a LOYALTY membership year. For Level 3, you will need to spend a minimum of £2,000 in a LOYALTY membership year. For Level 4, you will need to spend a minimum of £5,000 in a LOYALTY membership year. For Level 5, you will need to spend a minimum of £10,000 in a LOYALTY membership year.

If Your total spend does not met the required spend threshold for that Level at the end of a LOYALTY membership year, your Level will subsequently be downgraded in January to reflect your actual level of spend. For example, if in year one you reached Level 3, in year two I will have to spend a total of £2,000-£4,999 to remain in Level 3 in year three.

The LOYALTY membership year begins at the start of every calendar year (1st January) and ends on the last day of the calendar year (31st December).

At the start of the new year, you will be invited to reselect your benefits. With regards to your Level, this will be assigned based on your total spend in the LOYALTY membership year just passed. If your total spend in the past LOYALTY membership year has not reached the qualifying spend threshold for the Level you are currently on, your Level will be downgraded. For example, if you remain on Level 3 at the start and end of a LOYALTY membership year and your total spend that year does not reach the threshold associated with Level 3, you will be downgraded to an appropriate Level matched to your spend in January of the next LOYALTY membership year.

From time-to-time, we will identify accounts that are ‘inactive’ based on a set criterion. If your account fits this criteria, we will email you with up to 60 days notice announcing that your account has been identified as inactive and is at risk of being reset. To activate your account again, log in and earn points by spending or other actions such as giving your birthday or updating your preferences before the end of the LOYALTY membership year (31st December). Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service team on +44 (0)20 7201 8088

If your account is identified as inactive and the period of notice is served without any level of activity on the account, your account will be reset. A reset is where: all points are reset to 0, the Level is reset to 1 and Benefits are de-selected. Once an account is deactivated, the account can be activated by logging in again however previous states cannot be resurrected under any circumstances.

Log in to your account on harveynichols.com and navigate to the Benefits section. Here, you will be able to view the benefits available to select on your account. When you have decided on a benefit you would like to select, you will need to click it and tick the box to confirm your selection.  By selecting benefits, you are accepting that corresponding benefit’s terms and conditions. The chosen benefit(s) will be fixed for the rest of the LOYALTY year.

As part of your Level upgrade journey, you will be invited to select additional benefits as a thank-you for your continued loyalty. Simply log in to your LOYALTY account on harveynichols.com or on the app to view benefits available to select.

The number of benefits you can choose are determined by your Level. If your Level is downgraded, your benefits will be un-selected, and you will be invited to re-select the appropriate number of benefits to your account’s corresponding Level.

You’ll need to read the terms and conditions relevant to that benefit in question. To find them, visit your MY HN account on harveynichols.com and click through to your LOYALTY dashboard. Locate the Benefits feature and click through to find the terms and conditions.

To redeem a benefit in store, simply ask a member of staff to apply it to your transaction. To redeem online, you’ll need to apply the benefit to your order before checking out.

Yes, you can redeem benefits and any available cash rewards in the same transaction.

Yes, benefits are stackable meaning you can redeem as many as you like to a transaction, pending that they satisfy the terms and conditions.

Yes, as a LOYALTY member you had a benefit called the HN Early Access Pass applied to your account. This means you will be invited to get first dibs on any LOYALTY specific promotions, events or campaigns if we think it’s relevant to you.

Visit the Benefit you have selected in your LOYALTY dashboard on harveynichols.com. Here, you will be able to see details on how to redeem. If your experience is with a partner, simply call, phone or email the partner in question stating your benefit.

There are multiple ways to earn points in the LOYALTY programme. According to your Level, we will award you with points for every £1 you spend within the Harvey Nichols group, including UK stores, services, hospitality and online. You also can earn points through engaging with us in ways such as signing up to emails, opting in to receive push notifications, downloading the Harvey Nichols app, adding your birthday and updating your preferences.

If you are logged into your LOYALTY account on Harveynichols.com and make a purchase, we will automatically add points to your account. Points will not be credited to your account until your order is dispatched.

Yes. To earn points on your final bill, you will need to scan the associated receipt barcode. Download the Harvey Nichols app and use the ‘Add Points’ function found in the LOYALTY section of your account. Permit the app’s use of your camera and scan the barcode of the receipt. Alternatively, enter the barcode number into the box and select ‘add’.

You cannot earn points from the redemption of a gift voucher or cash reward.

Yes you will be able to retrospectively add the points to your account up to 14 days post purchase. If you shopped in-store and have a sale receipt, download the Harvey Nichols app on your desired device and register for LOYALTY. Once logged in, navigate to MY HN and select ‘LOYALTY’. Click the button ‘Add Points’. This will prompt you to allow your device to use the camera function. Once approved, you will be able to scan the barcode on your receipt. Points, if they haven’t already been assigned to another account, will be available in your balance within 24 hours. If you shopped online, you will have the option to sign-up to loyalty and attach that transaction to your account on the order confirmation page. Here, you must select to sign-up which will trigger an email communication to you asking for your consent. Once accepted, the points earned on that transaction will be assigned to your new Loyalty account.

If you choose to return that item within the stated returns period, the points will be removed from your pending points balance and will reflect in your Points history as Cancelled. If you return an item outside of the returns period, points may be taken off your Active points balance.

When you make a purchase with us on your account that has a returns policy from our online or UK stores, the points earned will go to your pending points balance within 24 hours from making that transaction. After the returns period has completed, the full amount of points earned, considering any returns that have taken place, will be converted to Active. Purchases that do not have a returns policy, such as hospitality or services, will go straight to a state of Active. Active points are available to spend as cash rewards immediately. Cancelled points are points earned on returned goods and cannot be redeemed.

Visit your MY HN account on harveynichols.com and click the header ‘LOYALTY’. Here you’ll find a dashboard of your points including Active, Pending and Cancelled.

Points earned on purchases on our website will be credited at point of dispatch. Points earned on purchases in-store will be added to your account immediately*. Purchases that do not have a returns policy, such as hospitality or services, will go straight to a state of Active. Active points are available to spend as cash rewards immediately. For purchases that have returns policy, such as fashion, Points will go to a state of Pending until the return window has closed. Once the return window has closed, Pending points will go to a state of Active if the item(s) were not returned, or Cancelled if the item(s) were returned.

*For hospitality transactions, it may take up to 4 hours for points to show in your account.

All points earned will be converted to cash rewards, unless they are cancelled. Points can be in one of three states: Active, Pending or Cancelled. Only Active points convert to cash rewards.

No, Active points are automatically converted to cash rewards for you.

You can spend your cash rewards across the Harvey Nichols group including on our UK online store, in UK physical stores and selected services. Please note under Scottish Licensing laws you are legally not permitted to use your cash rewards on alcohol in Scotland.

Simply log into your LOYALTY account online at harveynichols.com and proceed to make a purchase. At shopping bag, you will be asked if you’d like to use your cash reward. Type in the total  cash reward you would like to redeem and select ‘Redeem Points’. Continue to checkout and see the discount applied. If you’re having problems seeing this, please contact our Customer Services team on Twitter, email or by phone. For goods purchased using a reward voucher we offer returns or exchanges, for product rewards we offer exchanges. Our experience rewards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please refer to our Loyalty Terms and Conditions for further detail.

Scan your unique barcode found in the Harvey Nichols app at till point. The sales assistant will ask how much of your cash reward you’d like to redeem and will apply it to your transaction if you have the correct amount of points. Alternatively, share your LOYALTY member ID or email address with the sales assistant at the till and verbally state you wish to redeem your cash reward.

When you redeem your cash reward, the cash reward is equally divided and applied to each product or service in your shopping bag. If you return all items from your order or sale purchased with your cash reward, you will be refunded the total cash reward back onto your cash reward balance. If you decide to return part of your order or sale purchased with your cash reward, you will be refunded the divided cash reward applied to all products returned.

If you could have earned points on an in-store purchase but did not attach your LOYALTY account, you are welcome to retrospectively add the points to your account up to 14 days after purchase using the barcode scanner in the Harvey Nichols app. Alternatively, if you made an online order without logging into your LOYALTY account, contact our Customer Services team on Twitter, phone or email who can help assist adding the points onto your account. Please note, for manual adjustments made by our Customer Services team, you may be required proof of purchase and identification.

Unfortunately no, receipts cannot be transferred from another transacting customer to a loyalty account.

A total reset on the account can take place if there is no activity identified on your account for a minimum of 12 months on 31st December every LOYALTY year. A total reset defines as a points expiry and Level reset. When points expire, they will move into the Cancelled state and will no longer be able to be used as cash rewards. Cancelled points cannot be resurrected.

To earn cash rewards, you need to earn points. Earn points by buying from us, eating and drinking with us, using our services and even through updating your profile, opting into email and downloading our app.

Unfortunately, no. Cash rewards cannot be transferred to accounts where they weren’t earned.

No, you will not earn points on the value of your cash reward when it is redeemed.

Simply log on to your LOYALTY account on your chosen device and navigate to the MY HN page. Here you will be able to select ‘Preferences’ and update your permissions for email marketing and push marketing. Once you have selected ‘update’, your permissions will save with immediate effect.

You can update your personal details at any time at Harveynichols.com. If you wish to update your email address, please contact our Customer Service team on +44 (0)20 7201 8088

Visit harveynichols.com on your chosen device and navigate to the sign-in page of the site. Simply enter your email address in the corresponding section and select ‘Forgot my password’. This will trigger an email to your inbox with a link to reset your password.

Simply share your email address that you used to sign up to LOYALTY with the sales assistant who will be able to look up your account and attach your account at till point.

Speak to a member of staff instore or on Ask HN. Alternatively, get in touch with our customer services team on Twitter, email, or phone.