Intensive Beauty Dose - 111SKIN
  • Intensive Beauty Dose - 111SKIN
  • Intensive Beauty Dose - 111SKIN


Intensive Beauty Dose


This is a Beyond Beauty product which means it has been sourced, tried and tested and finally declared one of the most new and innovative heroes out there.

Formulated to slow the process of ageing, 111SKIN’s encapsulated antioxidants target oxidative stress from free-radical damage and internal toxins. A clinical mix of potent actives work to support and strengthen the lipids and ceramides found within the epidermal barrier, stimulate the bodies collagen synthesis, restore barrier function and strengthening cellular integrity.

The result is a fortified gut and visible decreased in fine lines, wrinkle depth and dullness. It is a truly transformative supplement that encourages youth in all its forms.

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Adults take three (3) capsules each day with a meal as a food supplement or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is essential in boosting the immune system as white blood cells – specifically phagocytes and T cells – use vitamin C to combat infections and inflammation. The vitamin also works to encourage the body’s natural collagen synthesis and relieve dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.

Glutathione: The master antioxidant already found in every cell within the body, glutathione reduces oxidative stress and maintains cell integrity.

Liquorice Root Extract: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, Liquorice Root Extract is a soothing agent that can reduce symptoms of physical stress and sensitive skin.

Mixed Tocopherols: A full-spectrum vitamin E (i.e. all 8 derivates of the family) that reduces inflammation and works to repair UV damage. 

PhytoCeramide Complex: Plant-derived ceramides to restore barrier function, prevent transdermal water loss and protect against environmental aggressors.

Botanical Antioxidant Blend: Harnessing some of the worlds most potent natural antioxidants, this botanical blend works to soothe inflammation, brighten skin tone and neutralise environmental damage. 

Sicilian Blood Orange Fruit Extract: An extract of the peels & juices of blood oranges, this nutrient-rich fruit works to decrease oxidative stress in those with compromised internal defences. The natural hue of blood oranges comes from anthocyanins the fruit, a flavonoid that possesses potent antioxidant that work effectively against bacterial infections.

Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr Alexandrides set out to develop the perfect post-surgery skincare and, in collaboration with space scientists, ended up creating the revolutionary cosmetics brand 111SKIN. Designed to protect skin against environmental aggressors, potent healing ingredients promote a youthful and radiant complexion like nothing you’ve seen before.


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