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Prima Moisturizing Balm 50ml


Armani Beauty's Prima Moisturizing Balm is formulated to achieve glowing, plumped skin and maximum moisture that last 24 hours. This is achieved by a patented formula and unique process: a surprising compact texture, hot poured at 45°C that quickly breaks into a fresh fluid, which penetrates immediately. The Giorgio Armani signature glowing complexion effect is enhanced by the Liquid Mirror complex, which ensures a prolonged reflection of the light on the skin.

Skin is immediately moisturised and replumped with heightened radiance. The formula is perfectly compatible with foundation for easy and faultproof makeup application. At the end of the day skin moisture levels are maintained and foundation looks fresh, as if just applied.

£130 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: BS600207

Style No.: 600207

This is the Armani customer’s go-to line of cosmetics and skincare for the face and body. With soothing serums, cleansing creams and masterful makeup alongside carefully blended perfumes, Armani Beauty is a must-have range for the beauty lover looking to enrich and enhance their skin.