Saffron Red Vermouth - Azaline


Saffron Red Vermouth


Crafted using Pinot Noir grapes, herbs and spices from all along the ancient Silk Road and saffron from Persia worth more in weight than gold, Azaline Vermouth is spectacular in a Negroni.

It was created by the legendary Gabriel Boudier. With over 140 years of experience, this Dijon-based distiller is the head honcho in the fruit liqueur market, and you’ll find their products on the back bar of any cocktail emporium or wine haunt worth its salt. It’s hugely complex, as you might expect from a vermouth that contains cardamom, orange peel, blackcurrant, gentian, tarragon, juniper and coriander. The Pinot Noir adds a vibrant cherry flavour and the earthy saffron still comes through on the palate in even the most complicated cocktails. It makes a super spritz (simply with tonic and a slice of orange), plays beautifully with whiskey in a Manhattan, but is unparalleled in a Negroni.

Azuline is a blue dye made from coal tar that was invented in Paris and became very fashionable for colouring silk. Presumably it inspired the name and that stunning label.

£4 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3802502

Style No.: 896786

Country: France
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 17%
Volume: 750ml
Allergens: Sulphites

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