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Dry Vermouth


Belsazar is an incredibly exciting new Vermouth brand that is produced in the south of Baden at the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. Painstakingly handcrafted and using only the finest ingredients, four variants are made: Dry, Red, Rosé and White. Belsazar Vermouths are created using a blend of six wines flavoured with up to 20 different homegrown spices, herbs, peels and blossoms, including wormwood and small-batch fruit brandies. It’s the addition of the selected (some secret) “Schladerer” fruit brandies that enriches Belsazar Vermouths with a broad range of flavours that are blended to perfection. Boasting exceptional quality and an inimitable character, all four expressions are highly unique and very different to anything else currently on the market. Belsazar Dry has a delicately fruity and floral taste and finishes with an attractive plethora of bitter aromatics. Served straight up over ice, Belsazar Dry partners wonderfully well with light gourmet cuisine and can also transcend a range of classic, dry cocktail recipes.

£3.27 per 100.00ml

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Country Germany

Alcohol by volume (ABV) 19%

Volume 750ml

Allergens Sulphites