Dr. Loosen Summer Riesling Edition Vermouth - Belsazar
  • Dr. Loosen Summer Riesling Edition Vermouth - Belsazar
  • Dr. Loosen Summer Riesling Edition Vermouth - Belsazar
  • Dr. Loosen Summer Riesling Edition Vermouth - Belsazar


Dr. Loosen Summer Riesling Edition Vermouth


Introducing Belsazar’s Vermouth collaboration made with Riesling from the fine wine legend Dr. Loosen. With the majority of this limited edition destined to be snapped up by the cocktail world’s movers and shakers, we’ve secured a small allocation just for you.

Located on the edge of Germany’s Black Forest, Belsazar has been redefining Vermouth ever since its launch in 2013. The handcrafted bottlings combine exceptional base wines and homegrown spices, herbs, peels and blossoms, with outstanding fruit brandies from Schladerer used to fortify. However, this limited edition takes Belsazar in a new and exciting direction…

The base wine has been sourced from Ernst Loosen, a man described by Decanter Magazine as “the king of Mosel Riesling” and “the Mick Jagger of winemaking”. This iconic winemaker’s Riesling makes an incredible platform of refreshing acidity and tropical complexity on which to build.

Maximillian Wagner and Sebastian Brack, the founders of Belsazar, depart from their normally homegrown botanicals by adding dried pineapple from the Azores. These small-crowned pineapples take two years to ripen – four times longer than their Latin American counterparts – imbuing them with an unparalleled richness, fragrance and depth of flavour, which is further intensified by the drying process.

This off-dry Vermouth tastes like a summer’s day. Packed with wormwood, tropical fruit and peppermint, basil and thyme herbiness; the Riesling adds a clean grapefruit acidity, the pineapple imparts a creamy richness, and both heighten the summery feel. A must-have for summery cocktails or mix with tonic for a lower alcohol alternative to a gin and tonic.

£4.27 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3804260

Style No.: 897041

Country: Germany
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 16%
Volume: 750ml
Allergens: Sulphites

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