Helan Mountain Range Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir 2018 - Château Changyu Moser XV

Château Changyu Moser XV

Helan Mountain Range Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc de Noir 2018


Introducing the first white Cabernet Sauvignon from China. Judging by its quality, it will not be the last…

Despite years of activity, planting and tending vines, the fate of this particular wine comes down to just a handful of minutes – a period one might fritter away on social media without a thought. That’s because for the first ten minutes of crushing, the juice from these red grapes runs clear enough to create a Blanc de Noir. Stop too late and it becomes a full-blown rosé. In 2018, the team at Château Changyu Moser XV created a masterpiece.

Ningxia’s extreme climate (more of that below) results in a higher skin-to-juice ratio than for Cabernet Sauvignon grown in Europe, which in turn means a unique concentration. Imagine a kind of hybrid between an unoaked Chardonnay and a zippy Sauvignon Blanc. This Blanc de Noir from the Helan Mountain Range is bone-dry with a glorious texture and a ghostly apricot hue. Wildflowers, grapefruit peel, citrus sorbet, musky whitecurrant, exotic fruit and perfectly balanced acidity; a one-of-a-kind wine the likes of which we’ve never seen before. We might ditch the Provence rosé this year and drink this instead.

The Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, or Château Changyu as it is more commonly known, was founded in 1892 by Zhang Bishi. This entrepreneurial diplomat imported more than 500,000 vines from the US and Europe, almost singlehandedly laying the foundation for Chinese wine production. It now has premium outposts throughout the country. In 2013, a fifteenth-generation winemaker from Austria called Laurenz Maria Moser V (a.k.a. Lenz), became involved with the company. Together, they established Château Changyu Moser XV, which can be found just west of Beijing near Yinchuan in Ningxia, China’s most renowned wine-growing region. The estate has an impressive Bordeaux-style château, and the wines are cut from a similar cloth. However, with such a distinctive terroir – Ningxia is renowned for its harsh winters when temperatures can drop to -20°C – the wines present what Lenz calls “a unique kind of Chinese spice”. Don’t miss out on tasting these superior wines from China’s oldest and largest producer.

SKU No.: 3494560

Style No.: 893978

Country: China
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon
Closure: Cork
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 14%
Volume: 750ml
Allergens: Sulphites

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