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Rose De Mai Cream 50ml


The exquisite Rose de Mai imbues its rare and delicate scent to this very modern and moisturizing cream. An intelligent formula protects  repairs and detoxifies the skin leaving it radiant and clear while new technologies help the body utilize its own resources by teaching it to draw energy and moisture from within.Rose de Mai Essence extracted from one of the worlds rarest roses  Rose de Mai essence infuses the formula with a uniquely uplifting aroma. Rich in vitamin C  it also possesses powerful anti-aging propertiesDolicos (Sweet Pea Stem Cells) protects the cell and DNA from damage created by UV  pollution and stress; reenergizes the essence of the cell by boosting its energyPre and Pro Biotic Complex protect the immune system of the skin  stimulates the skins primary defense barrier and helps prevent harmful bacteria from enteringWild Pansy Extract acts as a dual action hydration regulator  increases skins internal water regulationNiacinamide helps stimulate collagen synthesis  strengthens skins moisture barrier and inhibits the production of melanin

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