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Brow Powder - Midnight


Chelsea Beautique’s easy to apply semi-permanent brow powders are smooth and natural. Each shade has been manufactured and tested in California, USA to ensure absolute quality and colour accuracy. The versatile selection of colours works with almost all hair shades and skin tones and since it’s water resistant and smudge proof, it will lock in your look, keeping your brows perfectly in place all day. Super-high in pigmentation, they glide on easily on both hair and bare skin. Perfect in humid conditions, these powders won’t smudge no matter how much you might sweat.

SKU No.: BS506325

Style No.: 506325

A revolutionary cosmetics company, Chelsea Beautique delivers premium quality eye and brow essentials for today’s on-the-go beauty maven. Focusing on a faster and more convenient approach to transforming your look, their semi-permanent, waterproof brow powders are smudge-free, staying in place all day, and night, long.