Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml - Chopin Vodka
  • Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml - Chopin Vodka
  • Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml - Chopin Vodka
  • Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml - Chopin Vodka
  • Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml - Chopin Vodka
  • Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml - Chopin Vodka
  • Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml - Chopin Vodka

ExclusiveChopin Vodka

Vera Wang Vodka 1000ml


“Working with Chopin Vodka was one of the most educational, fascinating and collaborative experiences I've ever had, learning how vodka is made and the various nuances of taste and texture. I am so grateful for the opportunity to co-create a spirit I adore so much, with such a storied and respected distiller. It is the culmination of my long love affair with vodka in the most personal and expressive way.” – Vera Wang

Poland meets New York haute couture in what is surely the most stylish vodka on the planet. Chopin, the world’s first luxury vodka, has released a limited-edition collaboration with the icon of fashion, Vera Wang. And it’s available only at Harvey Nichols…

Crafted by hand from farm to bottle, Vera Wang x Chopin Vodka is the first of its kind. It was created using a special variety of young potato selected by Vera Wang, one that has never been seen on the market before. These unique potatoes were sustainably grown without chemicals or pesticides in the village of Krzesk, Poland, right next to the distillery. The vodka they produce is distinctive, aromatic, complex and unlike any other. It has been filled into a striking one-litre bottle, which was custom designed by Vera Wang. The bottle combines Vera’s love of black and the elegant white lines of her iconic bridalwear, and it also features a poem that she wrote herself about how the spirit makes her feel, the memories it conjures up and its romance. Although the fashion mogul professes to being a big fan of Lychee, Espresso and Orange Martinis, she recommends sipping her collaboration with Chopin neat, describing it as “sleek and modern” and noting that “it goes down very easy and it’s very smooth.” These personal touches make this a must-try for vodka connoisseurs and fashionistas alike.

When Chopin Vodka launched in the 1990s, it became the world’s first luxury vodka brand and its frosted bottle and characterful style have been emulated ever since. The idea wasn’t devised in the boardroom of a marketing agency, it was devised by the locals working at the Polmos Siedlce distillery in Krzesk, Poland. They had been crafting exceptional vodkas since 1896, passing the art from generation to generation, but they didn’t have a brand. So, they created one and named it after Frédéric Chopin, the Polish composer and genius pianist of the Romantic period. Located in Podlasie Province, an idyllic agricultural region, the distillery has access to a wonderful array of raw materials, from which they compose sophisticated, expressive and poetic masterpieces, much like their namesake. Now owned by the Dorda family, Chopin Vodka concentrates on crafting single ingredient vodkas, eschewing the flavoured vodka route adopted by so many of their contemporaries. Each bottle is a virtuoso performance.

£15.5 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3737153

Style No.: 885551

Country: Poland
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 1000ml

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