Potato Vodka & Glasses Gift Set - Chopin Vodka
  • Potato Vodka & Glasses Gift Set - Chopin Vodka
  • Potato Vodka & Glasses Gift Set - Chopin Vodka

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Potato Vodka & Glasses Gift Set


The perfect present for any vodka connoisseur or classical music lover. This gift set contains a bottle of Chopin Potato Vodka and pair of elegant shot glasses to sip it from.

Chopin Potato Vodka is the most full-bodied and creamy of their compositions. It’s also the world’s most awarded potato vodka. Displaying a green apple and citrus vibrancy, a seasoning of earthy pepper, vanilla and a long creamy finish, this gluten-free Polish vodka is one to create Martinis with or sip neat straight from the freezer. Alternatively, it creates a savoury Bloody Mary, just make sure there are some hashbrowns on the fry-up that accompanies it. We’d recommend pairing it with a rich and lilting Chopin piece like his Bacarolle Op. 60 – an equally arresting work of beauty.

When Chopin Vodka launched in the 1990s, it became the world’s first luxury vodka brand and its frosted bottle and characterful style have been emulated ever since. The idea wasn’t devised in the boardroom of a marketing agency, it was devised by the locals working at the Polmos Siedlce distillery in Krzesk, Poland. They had been crafting exceptional vodkas since 1896, passing the art from generation to generation, but they didn’t have a brand. So, they created one and named it after Frédéric Chopin, the Polish composer and genius pianist of the Romantic period. Located in Podlasie Province, an idyllic agricultural region, the distillery has access to a wonderful array of raw materials, from which they compose sophisticated, expressive and poetic masterpieces, much like their namesake. Now owned by the Dorda family, Chopin Vodka concentrates on crafting single ingredient vodkas, eschewing the flavoured vodka route adopted by so many of their contemporaries. Each bottle is a virtuoso performance.

£7.14 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 4014932

Style No.: 931884

Country: Poland
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 700ml

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