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Dornoch Distillery

Thompson Brothers Organic Highland Gin 500ml


A very democratic organic gin handcrafted in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. Philip and Simon, better known as the Thompson Brothers, run the award-winning Dornoch Castle Hotel Whisky Bar – a legend amongst drinkers of old and rare Scotch. They’ve now branched out by building the Dornoch Distillery in the minuscule Old Fire Station behind the castle. In 2017 they ran trials at the bar and solicited feedback on ten experimental batches to help them create a gin “that clicks with a lot of people.” And they’ve achieved it with aplomb; we’re proud to present: Thompson Brothers Organic Highland Gin.

This breath-taking wee gin combines classic botanicals like juniper, angelica root, cardamom, aniseed, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander and black peppercorns, with a few more experimental ones such as meadowsweet, elderflower and freeze-dried raspberries. Ten percent of the base spirit comes from floor malted organic Plumage Archer, a heritage barley that’s the ancestor of the always popular with brewers Maris Otter.

Only made in batches of 3,000 bottles, this creamy, earthy and herbal spirit is lightened by zingy citrus, peppery fire, floral notes and the tang of raspberries. The texture and depth of flavour make it a prime candidate for martinis. Alternatively, serve with tonic and garnish with lemon thyme, a handful of raspberries or maybe a few cracked peppercorns. Tried, tested and terrific.

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Alcohol by volume (ABV)45.7%