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Ethiopian Wolf Wheat Beer Can 330ml


Endangered Brewing has one mission, to remove each animal from their cans when they are no longer a vulnerable species. The animals that they’ve chosen are all teetering on the endangered list, facing threats such as the climate crisis, habitat destruction, wildlife trade and competition from invasive species. So, they give 10% of the net profits from each beer directly to the wildlife charity Born Free, who promote ‘compassionate conservation’ to enhance the survival of these beautiful creatures.

Not content with that, Endangered Brewing also has a strong focus on sustainability. So not only are their vegan-friendly beers made using UK hops, but they fill them into recyclable cans with recycled labels, and then box them up in ethically sourced cardboard and biodegradable tape. 

Ethiopian Wolf Wheat Beer is brewed in a German style using First Gold hops, water, malted barley, malted wheat, malted oats and yeast. We fell in love with this beer because there’s just so much going on in it. The initial sweetness is followed by a crisp, sharp and cleansing bite, all the while your taste buds are bombarded with orangey, spicy and floral flavours. 

Only found in seven mountain ranges in Ethiopia, Ethiopian wolves are one of the rarest canids on the planet and Africa’s most critically endangered carnivore. They resemble a sleek version of our own urban foxes, only with much longer legs and a slender nose for catching rodents. Confronted with habitat destruction, persecution by humans and diseases carried by domestic dogs, the number of Ethiopian wolves has now thought to have dwindled to fewer than 500. They live in packs but hunt alone, so this wheat beer is perfect for a peaceful treat by yourself or when hanging out with your pack.

£1.06 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3534232

Style No.: 906586

Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 4%
Volume: 330ml
Allergens: Gluten

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