LUNA™ 3 - Normal Skin - FOREO
  • LUNA™ 3 - Normal Skin - FOREO
  • LUNA™ 3 - Normal Skin - FOREO
  • LUNA™ 3 - Normal Skin - FOREO
  • LUNA™ 3 - Normal Skin - FOREO
  • LUNA™ 3 - Normal Skin - FOREO


LUNA™ 3 - Normal Skin


This is a Beyond Beauty product which means it has been sourced, tried and tested and finally declared one of the most new and innovative heroes out there.

LUNA 3 is the ultimate beauty upgrade from Foreo’s award-winning LUNA line. This sonic facial cleanser eliminates trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin cells in just 1 minute and keeps your skin in beautiful condition and radiantly toned.

Made from body-safe silicone, free of phthalates and BPA, its bigger brush head and longer and softer touchpoints compared to the LUNA 2 ensure a deeper, more thorough cleanse. Tailor-made for normal skin, the cleansing surface with 2 types of touchpoints makes sure every area of your face receives the type of cleansing it needs. Blend it into your morning and evening routine to enjoy all the benefits of an ultra-soft, hygienic cleanse with 16 pulsation intensities to choose from.

In addition to cleansing, LUNA 3 offers a variety of massage routines that target specific areas of your face. Available exclusively via the FOREO For You app, each massage tightens the skin for a refined, younger-looking complexion. LUNA 3’s upgraded design features silicone ridges shaped to glide easily over your face, neck and décolleté while low-frequency pulsations remove excess fluid to reduce puffiness and diminish signs of ageing.

Set contains:

USB charger
Quick Start Guide
Basic Manual
Serum Sample 2ml
Travel Pouch

SKU No.: BS756795

Style No.: 756795

Download the FOREO For You app.

Turn on LUNA 3 and connect to the app via Bluetooth.

Follow the instructions to select your cleansing preferences and firming massage routine.

Stockholm-based brand FOREO provides a range of groundbreaking facial cleansing brushes. Using T-Sonic technology, FOREO’s cleansing systems promise younger-looking, more radiant skin. With models tailored to every skin type, FOREO is taking the beauty world by storm.