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Mezcal Joven With Damiana Added 50ml



Gem & Bolt is the brainchild of two artists Adrina Drina and Elliott Bennett, according to Nylon this dynamic female duo have “redefined the Mezcal game”. Inspired by a shared childhood growing up with bohemian moonshiners in Virginia and a united love of Mexico and all things creative, they’ve fashioned a unique new spirit. It’s handcrafted by a fourth generation distiller in Oaxaca using the finest fair trade, organic and sustainable Espadín agave. Slowly roasted and mashed with a traditional horse-drawn tahona stone, the agave is fermented in open wooden vats before being distilled in small copper stills.

But it’s Gem & Bolt’s secret ingredient that makes it truly intriguing. It’s infused with Damiana – a yellow-flowered herb rumoured to have been used in the original margarita and much revered by the Mayans and Aztecs for providing an emotional uplift and also arousing amorous feelings. We don’t know if it really is an aphrodisiac, but Harvey Nichols has certainly fallen in love with it. Smooth and less smoky than some Mezcals, it’s bright, fresh, herbal, food-friendly and strangely life-affirming. Maybe that’s the Damiana talking.

According to Mexican folklore, long ago a lightning bolt hit the heart – aka the piña or gem – of an agave, roasting it, fermenting its sugars and releasing what we now know as Mezcal. Despite its ancient roots, this noble spirit remains pure, mystical, edgy and modern, steeped in creativity, celebration and passion. None more so than this, it’s a real bolt from the blue. Now available in this pocket-sized 5cl taster format.

SKU No.: 2681701

Style No.: 693501

Country: Mexico
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 44%
Volume: 50ml

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